December 20, 2010

Don't be afraid this will only notreallytremas: therani replied to your post:Okay I’ll play this...





therani replied to your post:Okay I’ll play this silly game. FMK Me Saxon!Master (Though technically you, we can argue a parallel version) Ianto

Actually, I was rather hoping that was the way you’d do that because to be honest I’d be worried A) If you…

Yes but that is everyone else. I hardly feel I get as…silly as everyone else seems to be here.

I should hope not. I’d hate to have to kill you. You’re the only one here that I could trust, if I trusted anyone. 

I’ll take it as a compliment.

As you should. Is that Fifth Doctor still looking for me?

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repeat from A Cosmos Without The Doctor

8 Notes

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    You aren’t allowed to experiment with the fifth regeneration. He’s my area to work on.
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    Hmm..I wonder what would happen if I were to get a hold of him in that form. Whether the universe would collapse. *chews...