December 20, 2010


 therani replied to your post:Okay I’ll play this silly game. FMK Me Saxon!Master (Though technically you, we can argue a parallel version) Ianto

Actually, I was rather hoping that was the way you’d do that because to be honest I’d be worried A) If you wanted to marry me. I’m not really the marrying type. B) If you wanted to fuck Ianto, because that’s just wrong. It’s scary how we think alike

Great minds then?

I have to agree with both of your points. I don’t see any reason to sleep with Ianto. Why would I marry you? I’m not particularly the marrying type either. 

Yes, I suppose so. 

I don’t know. Everyone has been so odd lately I was almost worried you might say that. 

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repeat from A Cosmos Without The Doctor

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    You aren’t allowed to experiment with the fifth regeneration. He’s my area to work on.
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    Hmm..I wonder what would happen if I were to get a hold of him in that form. Whether the universe would collapse. *chews...